The Kłodzko Land because of its nature is a world in itself. As soon as we pass a wonderful gorge of Nysa Kłodzka near Bardo, in awe we see next parallel mountain ranges limiting the horizon to several tens of kilometres. We see the area enclosed on all sides which is enclosed to the Lower Silesia like a room with windows showing a garden. Each step we feel that we already left the north of Europe behind while we still did not enter the south.

{datsopic id=227 align=right}The Kłodzko Valley and the surrounding mountains are a part of central and eastern Sudety. Due to changing turns in history this area was a place where the influences of Czech, Austrian, German and Polish culture were mixing with each other constantly.

{datsopic id=61 align=left}Because of its unique scenery, climate and cultural values, as well as rich deposits of mineral waters, favours the development of the tourist, recreational and spa facilities.  The area of the Kłodzko Land holds the largest in the country resources of therapeutic and mineral waters. Over 12 thousand people can stay simultaneously in five health resorts located in the area of the Kłodzko Land.

{datsopic id=90 align=right}Fourteen towns and communes of the Kłodzko district are placed in a beautiful environment: high placed observation points, interesting groups of rocks, roaring waterfalls, romantic ruins, monumental buildings, interesting industrial objects.

Each of them offers something else, attractive and mysterious.